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We all know the infinite health benefits of relaxing, quality food and a healthy night’s sleep, so why do we not take care of ourselves? How do we balance stress with our responsibilities? How can we choose restoration and vitality over the daily grind?

Join Board Certified Ayurvedic Doctor Vaidya Swati

for part or all of a two-day retreat using the ancient healing traditions of Ayurveda

Restore your Balance |  Nourish your Body

Length: From 3 hours to 2 days (1 optional night)

Registration begins at $125.00

This retreat is designed to meet YOUR needs. You do not need to sign up for every section or a full day! You may choose 1, 2, 3, or 4 options! The beauty is in the flexibility.

Whether you register for the morning or afternoon session- lunch is always included in your reservation.

Ayurvedic Retreat, Burlington WI, Yoga Retreat
Yoga Retreat, Burlington WI, Ayurvedic Retreat, Enlightened Living Center
Burlington WI, Ayurvedic Retreat, Yoga Retreat


  • 1.5 hour lecture
  • 1.5 hour hands-on session
  • Lunch

Full Day

$2252 sessions
  • TWO 1.5 hour lectures
  • TWO 1.5 hours hands-on sessions
  • Lunch


$4004 sessions
  • FOUR 1.5 hour lectures
  • FOUR 1.5 hours hands-on sessions
  • Lunch both days


Ayurveda Oil, Enlightened Living Center, Retreat

Morning Day 1 | Rituals

Join Ayurveda Doctor and clinical researcher Swati Mhaske of Hemaveda Ayurveda, to learn the essentials of Ayurveda, easy self-care practices and healthy routine adjustments for radical healing of the body, mind and spirit. This will be a lecture PowerPoint presentation


8:45a: Welcome, tea and settling in

9:oo-10:30a: lecture on morning and evening rituals lecture

10:30a-12:00p: hands-on class (think the preparations) We will learn the practical Ayurveda techniques focused on the right way to practice the rituals.

Rituals Covered

  • Oral hygiene with Ayurveda – Scrape tongue, Oil pulling
  • Face care
  • Head Massage routines
  • Abhyanga – Full body massage – practical training
  • Nasal Oil application

| Lunch |

12:00-1:00p:  Ayurvedic Lunch – The importance of Ayurvedic method of cooking and how to consume meals. The method of proper eating for optimal digestive health 

Details of meal to come!

Afternoon Day 1 |



1:00-2:30p: Lecture on digestion

Topics Covered

  • What is Gut health and Digestive Fire?
  • Ayurveda on Gut health and diseases
  • Prakriti (Individual Constitution) and Digestion Correlation

2:30-4:00p: Hands-on cooking and preparations class

  • Learn to cook delicious meals with fresh, seasonal ingredients and aromatic Indian spices.
  • How to use food to balance the three different mind-body types (doshas)
  • How to use all six tastes in each meal to curb cravings
  • How to adjust your cooking to seasonal changes
  • How to improve your digestion with food and spices
  • Learn to make your own recipes from basic ayurvedically compatible foods and contribute in making delicious meals
Ayurveda health, Enlightened Living Center, Retreat
Ayurveda Herbs, Enlightened Living Center, Retreat

Morning Day 2 | Women’s Health


8:45a: Welcome, tea and settling in

9:00a-10:30a: lecture women’s health

Topics Covered:

  • Basic understanding of Ayurveda Concepts and foundation of Ayurveda
  • Healthy Ayurvedic Lifestyle for women.
  • Guidance on balanced Diet
  • Also learn about the female health supportive Herbs

10:30a-12:00p: hands-on class- basics of Marma massage points for optimal health

Marma chikitsa is a 5,000 years old system of Ayurveda. Marmani are extremely important energy points which help in the subtle balance of healthy mind body and soul. This therapy is an ancient Indian practice that focuses on the manipulation of subtle energy (prana) present in the body, for the purpose of supporting the healing process. The understanding and dependability on the 107 marma points helps to work on the flow of Prana through the subtle bodies and mind.

Stimulation of Marma points help not only in the balance of one’s body and mind but also it helps the function of the endocrine system, nervous system to gently detox and rejuvenate. Learning of the Marma chikitsa(treatment) will create an experience to a powerful transformation at the mental, emotional as well as physical level to the higher mind and the subconscious

| Lunch |

12:00-1:00p:  Ayurvedic Lunch – The importance of Ayurvedic method of cooking and how to consume meals. The method of proper eating for optimal digestive health 

Details of meal to come!

Afternoon Day 2 |

Mental Health


1:00-2:30p: Mental health with Ayurveda

Topics Covered:

  • The Ayurvedic philosophy behind the creation of human consciousness
  • The qualities of Mind
  • Signs of a healthy mind and body
  • Ayurveda dosha and mind correlation
  • Learn about some mental disorders
  • The preventative approach of Ayurveda towards healthy mind

2:30-4:00p: Hands-on class – meditation and pranayama and Ayurvedic nightly rituals

  • Maintaining Dinner timings
  • Face and soles of feet massage
  • Mantra and breathing techniques for good sound sleep
Ayurveda Yoga, meditation, breath, pranayama, Enlightened Living Center

Meet Dr Swati

Dr Vaidya Swati, Ayurveda Retreat, Enlightened Living Center

Ayurvedic Doctor Vaidya Swati Mhaske

B.A.M.S, M.Sc. Pharmaceutical Medicine

Our principal instructor, Board certified CE provider has years of experience

Dr. Swati has deep knowledge of Ayurveda with hands-on training in Panchakarma (detoxification and body cleanse).

She has a genuine passion and drive to apply this ancient healing – helping clients adjust their lifestyle, reduce stress and empower the body and mind.


Board Certified Continuing Education Provider