Silent Day Retreat

Join us for a day of quiet reflection as we learn how gentle yoga practice, sitting and walking meditation and a variety of guided mindfulness practices can increase awareness of the physical body, the compulsive thinking mind, interactions with others and the world we live in.

You will have the opportunity to experience active relaxation, a more stabilized mind, better alignment on a physical, mental and emotional level and fee vibrantly alive.

Come away with a stillness and peace that will enhance your life and assist you in applying mindfulness and meaning to daily activities and interactions. The day will begin with conversation and increase in silence and stillness. A code of conduct and schedule will be provided upon registration.

silence retreat

Quiet the Noise.

Do you notice the amount of noise around you every moment? From the buzzing of a phone, the ever playing news station, conversations, the loud truck barreling down the road to the gentle hum of machines around you. This is just the beginning of the sound pollution we live among everyday. Add to that our internal noise- personal relationships, responsibilities, stress of family, parents, or children and the constant stream of consciousness in your head. Our brains are ever full of the news you just informed a loved one, financial decisions from a year ago, or a disagreement with a partner ten days ago. It doesn’t matter. We try to silence all of this noise only to find our monkey mind in action spinning out of control. Just when you want everything to get quieter and slow down, everything seems to turn up the volume.

Quiet Reflection

Our Silent Retreat can help you drop limiting beliefs, regrets and worries, and tap into a bigger vision for yourself. Take the time you need to slow the mind down, reflect on what is truly important and then emerge recharged, refreshed and ready to face your responsibilities with greater joy and focus.

Benefits of Silent Retreat include:

-Reduced stress

-Increased sense of enthusiasm

-Higher focus

-Better deep sleep

-Connection to others


Retreat: $148 *Includes lunch, all materials, tea, snacks, meditation, yoga and mindfulness practices

Lunch: ayurvedic lunch such as nourishing vegetarian dishes. Examples of these clean meals are Vietnamese pho, mandarin orange salad, squash soup, curries, kitchari, dahl and so much more delicious sattvic (balancing) foods.

Overnight Stay: $60 (Optional)

Registration is not complete until payment is recieved.

Please email with any questions or call 262-716-0017