April 9, 2022

SoulCollage® is the story of YOU. Let your inner self be heard during this time of intuition, imagination and images that is SoulCollage®. Anyone can do it! Join us for a day of really listening to ourselves and each other as we make SoulCollage® cards and celebrate the things that we’re grateful for. And angels!

I am looking forward to bringing SoulCollage®, which is the story of YOU, to the Enlightened Living Center’s kind and beautiful space. I will bring cards to have on display there.

There is also more information about SoulCollage® here:

SoulCollage® offers many take aways. It’s introspective. It can help shine a flashlight on and unwind a lot of what we usually keep stuffed down. It’s a blessing to gather with like hearts in a kind place. It honors our whole selves. It’s a chance to slow down and create cards about you. Your soul is waiting!

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