Resolve to Evolve

January 1, 2022

Let us commemorate the transition into 2022 with a heart-centered focus and transformational yoga practice that welcomes a new perspective and New Year! Please join us for this journey to celebrate the blessings that are already with us and those that are about to unfold. We will pause to look into our center, tap into grace and gaze forward into the infinite potential of 2022. Let's leave behind all that keeps us from our true purpose, passion and JOY in life. Engaging in a focused, yet playful practice as a way to set our intentions (sankalpa) for 2022, we will meet our authentic self, use focused awareness, and aim high and true so that we may offer our gifts to the world and move towards our Dharma (true purpose). MUST RESERVE YOUR SPACE by pre-registering at the studio/

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