Do I have to be a member?

No, but if you are, you get a 20% discount.

Does the venue have a religious affiliation?

No, your best friend or great aunt Martha can be your officiant.

Does the building have air conditioning?

No, But the building stays cool if the doors are closed.

Can my pet be a part of my ceremony?

Sure, but clean up after your pet!

Will someone be present to help and answer questions?

Yes, you have a staff member assigned to your event.

What furniture is included?

100 chairs, 15 round tables.

Can we serve alcohol?

Yes, you can serve. No, you cannot sell.

Is the building handicap accessible?

No, so sorry.

Do I have to get married and have my reception here?

No, you get to pick and choose.

What is the capacity? How many people?

250 people.

Is there space for my bridal party to get ready?

Yes, with the full-site rental option.

Catering - is it available?

Yes, you get to choose. We do have recommendations.

Who do I make payment to?

Enlightened Living Center