Our Mission

The Enlightened Living Center provides inclusive spaces and services that foster optimal, balanced living for individuals and their communities based on the principles of conscious healing and compassion.

We are always looking for presenters, creators and visionaries to bring fantastic programing to the Enlightened Living Center. If you are interested in bringing your passions to the Enlightened Living Center, please apply or contact us at hello@enlightenedlivingyoga.com.

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Meet the Team

Donna Mosca
Donna MoscaCo-Founder, Dream Director
Donna is committed to sharing the wisdom teachings of Yoga through daily, sacred practices, workshops, and retreats within Peace Tree Yoga Studio, located on the 3rd floor of The Enlightened Living Center. Donna is certified as a Yoga Therapist (C-IAYT), and enjoys examining “way of life” as preventive medicine for treating the root cause of disease, versus band-aiding the symptom. She is inspired by what is possible for humanity and appreciates the conscious community that gathers within the center.
Pradeep Jain
Pradeep JainCo-Founder, Strategist
Pradeep is a technology entrepreneur and yoga therapist-in-training. His mission is to bring the healing powers of yogic practices to our community and the world. Pradeep focuses on developing and scaling new partnerships who are aligned with our mission for the ELC. At the intersection of spirituality and technology, he hopes to encourage entrepreneurship such as a vegetarian café, yoga therapy, or retail.
Josie Johnson
Josie Johnson Director of Administration
Josie, as Director of Administration, will be your point of contact for potential events such as weddings or parties, marketing, presenting a workshop, tenant liaison and day to day operations of the center.